Versatile in use

COMPREX® in the industry

Industrial plants and systems have special cleaning requirements due to their complex structure and the large number of different apparatuses, modules and devices. As experts for mechanical cleaning, we have the necessary know-how and have been successfully applying our COMPREX® technology in various industrial sectors for years.

Cooling systems

Corrosion by well water or the entry of microorganisms requires regular cleaning of your cooling water pipes? Rely on COMPREX®.

The cooling water in industrial cooling circuits is often treated well water and contains corrosion products that impair hydraulics and heat transfer in the long run. In open cooling circuits, microorganisms, dust, and other particles are added. These impairments cannot always be avoided in practice. For this reason, regular cleaning as part of the maintenance of the cooling water lines is particularly important.

COMPREX® allows cleaning at scheduled intervals, for example during planned shutdowns or as required. COMPREX® cleans the main lines and then the distribution lines quickly and effectively.

This way, even areas with poor flow, e.g., at shut-off valves, can be cleaned when mobilizing and discharging the deposits and biofilms from the supply and return lines to the cooling tower. The air and water blocks do not get stuck in the pipes. Solids discharged from the cooling circuits can then be disposed of properly.

Heat exchangers


Your heat exchangers no longer work efficiently? Then it is time for COMPREX®.

Heat exchangers are industrial devices that transfer thermal energy from one material flow to another. The lower their heat transfer resistance, the higher their efficiency. Fouling or deposits, also called fouling, form additional transfer resistances and impair the function of the heat exchangers.

This enables us to effectively remove fouling and restore the efficiency of the heat transfer – without time-consuming and cost-intensive disassembly and leak testing of the system. With special cleaning programs, adapted to the respective system, our COMPREX® process enables efficient cleaning of heat exchangers on the medium side as well as on the heat transfer medium side, using only adapter connections at the inlet and outlet.

In addition to the cleaning of stationary heat exchangers and pipelines on site at your plant, we operate a COMPREX® cleaning centre at our technology and development site in Landau.

Pipeline systems

Deposits constrict the cross-section of your pipes and affect flow, pump performance and energy consumption. With COMPREX®, we provide a remedy.

In piping systems, for example for river or process water, deposits in the form of sludge, biofilm, or solids form during operation. These deposits must be removed, as they narrow the cross-section of the pipeline and can impair flow rate, pump performance, and energy requirements. In the case of process pipelines, product quality and yield suffer, and in the case of fire-fighting pipelines, the function of the fittings and nozzles and thus safety in the event of fire suffer.

With COMPREX® we clean, for example:
• Raw and process water lines
• River water pipes
• Fire extinguishing and sprinkler systems
• Process water/VE water pipes
• Emulsion lines
• Waste water pressure pipes

Machine cooling

Cooling capacity reduced by deposits? With COMPREX® we optimise the cooling of your machines.

The heat generated during work in machines is usually dissipated by using cooling water. In larger industrial plants, such as chemical plants, machines are often cooled with river water in a continuous flow. The ingress of fine sand and mussel shells is not uncommon.

Liquid cooling is usually used to cool machine tools such as lathes, milling and drilling machines or other machining centres, plastic injection moulding machines or temperature control ducts. Over time, both deposits and biofilms form in the systems during cooling, resulting in a reduced cooling capacity. Removing the deposits provides a remedy.

Cleaning with COMPREX® requires only very short downtimes and is often even possible during operation. Therefore, our impulse flushing method is a hygienically efficient and at the same time economically attractive solution.

Cooling lubricants


The cleaning of the screens and filters of your cooling lubricant lines leads more and more often to shutdowns of your plants? Eliminate the causes for blockages with COMPREX®.

Cooling lubricants or cooling lubricants serve to dissipate heat and reduce friction during machining, cutting, and forming of materials in production engineering. Lubrication reduces friction, heat generated is dissipated and chips are flushed away at the same time.

Often the cooling lubricant flows from the emulsion processing to the processing machines and back through pipelines of different nominal diameters, sometimes over several floors. Usually there are dirt traps in front of the processing machines, in which deposits form over time despite sufficient filter technology. This occurs because the content of solids in the emulsion can increase during transport through the pipeline, for example due to the abrasion of materials. Although no new solid particles enter the pipeline during transport, particles are deposited at low flow speeds. These bake together over time and form larger conglomerates such as lime soap.

If the flow velocity is increased again, parts of them can become detached again and eventually clog the screens on the processing machines.

With COMPREX® we can counteract the effect of conglomerate formation due to different flow velocities. We clean your entire cooling lubricant systems, supply and return lines as well as emulsion lines and reliably discharge interfering solids.

In contrast to deposits from drinking or raw water pipes, deposits from emulsion pipes contain water-polluting substances. We take care to collect the rinse water and dispose of it properly.

After cleaning, operational safety is restored and the coolant emulsion is always available in a consistently good condition at the machining points of the milling heads, thus contributing to the quality assurance of the manufactured products.

Plant engineering

Your cleaning intervals are getting shorter and shorter and you want to invest in your own cleaning system? We would be pleased to manufacture an individual COMPREX® unit for you.

Clean systems and the safe operation of complex industrial plants require tailor-made solutions for special requirements. Based on the COMPREX® process of HAMMANN GmbH, we offer individual cleaning systems for various applications and industries. Our systems are available in different versions and sizes depending on the requirements. If required, special solutions for the mechanical cleaning of your industrial systems are also possible.